JCW'12, CW'13 White Falcon's Mila

Mother: IPO3 White Falcon's Aicha-Shakira 

Father: IPO2 Atlantis White Prince vom King's Silbertal

Date of Birth: 18.11.2011

HD-A,  ED-0/0,  MDR1 +/-,  DM N/N

- Hungarian Junior Champion

- Serbien Junior Champion

- Croatien Junior Champion

- Serbien Champion

- Hungarian Champion

- Montenegro Champion


Clubwinner of Swiss 2013 

Junior Clubwinner of Swiss 2012
Baby Best in Show II.
Puppy Best in Show III.
Junior Karpathia Winner I.
Work: BH
Litters: E-litter, G-litter, C-litter